Critical Issue Fund grantee organization ReFED, a nonprofit collaboration focused on reducing food waste in the United States, has spent the past six months working with major food businesses and experts to develop Food Waste Action Guides for the retail, food service and restaurant sectors.

These consumer-facing businesses generate an estimated 40% of all food waste, and are key stakeholders in the effort to reduce food waste on a national level, as they reach a consumer base of over 200 million.  The guides suggest that addressing food waste represents $18.2 billion in potential profits for grocery retailers.

The Action Guides will serve as a definitive resource for these industries, and will be distributed to over 42,000 retail locations and half a million restaurant and food service locations, representing the vast majority of the national food industry.

This is the latest resource developed by ReFED, which has also produced comprehensive digital tools that provide economic and policy insights and opportunities regarding the effort to reduce food waste on a national level.


(Photo courtesy of ReFED)